Certificate Inquiry Click Here

If you have lost your TABC Seller Training Certificate, you can access your information on TABC's website and print out proof of certification.
TABC retailers can also verify employee certification.

Follow this link: Certificate Inquiry

2. Then click on the link ON THE LEFT that says "Certificate Inquiry."
(You do not have to log in to the site.)

3. Enter the social security number and birth date into the spaces provided. Enter the social security number without any dashes (999999999) and use the following format for your birth date: mm/dd/yyyy.
TABC staff and TABC permit holders use this system to verify that seller / server training certification is current and valid. An individual's information found on TABC's website is considered official proof of certification.
If you have any other questions, or you can't find your information in the database, call 512-206-3420 or email seller.training@tabc.texas.gov.
Certificate Reprint
Effective May 2009, TABC Seller Training has changed the process for obtaining a reprint of a TABC Seller Training Certification. Certificate Reprint Request, form ST-412 is no longer being used.
To immediately obtain proof of certification, employees and/or employers can access and print certification information on TABC's website by following the instructions above. Also, proof of certification can be obtained by contacting TABC Seller Training by phone at 512-206-3420 or by email seller.training@tabc.texas.gov.